Lui Costa Band – Newcomer News – upcoming 2010

5 Dez

See and hear a new band from their first releases and watch their steps on the road to their audience and fame.

Lui Costa is an ambitious guitar player from Darmstadt (Hessen).
His name results from his mediterran roots and his origin is Palermo (Sicilia – Italy)

Lui´s guitar playing is easy flowing jazz in a unique style.
The tunes composed by Lui himself bring a floating feeling to the listeners ear and grabs it.

The virtuos technic results from his
experience as Solo guitarist player in former bands and formations, and it´s easy to understand that he has a quick fingerplay as most of the former projects  had been located in the metal or hardcore area!

But there´s more to Lui´s music than pure technique, the bright, sunny and groovy pieces more imply Lui Costa`s mediterran roots than his past as a guitar metalhead.

After working years in educational contexts and making music all the time Lui found out that he had something own to say with his instrument and he began to explore his musical soul.

The promising outcome of this timeless sessions of improvisation and contemplation can be heard on the CD „Due Settimane“ which contains 10 self arranged & home recorded songs of Lui Costa music.

Soon it urged Lui to give his music more life, and that meant two things:

– Find two other musicians to play Lui Costa music as a Trio
– go out and play live!

The Lui Costa Band has now just being founded, as with Peer Andre‘ Mönch (Drums) and Marcus Müller (Bass) he now found two great companions who support the the project and who uplift it to a new level.

The second step is to be taken soon and all interested musicfans should bookmark the following event:

The Lui Costa Band-Release-Gig
January 31 st 2010
Location: Nachtleben in Frankfurt
(a great location with a long reputation!!!)

Come to Frankfurt and be part of the very first appearance of that group!

Click this link to see more details to the Event…

Of course you want to know how Lui Costa music sounds like and may be too nervous to wait till 2010! In this case you get the exclusive chance to prelisten a song here and now!

>>>            il gatto – Lui Costa                 <<<

Il Gatto“ , the really first track Lui Costa recorded with his new bandmates Peer Andre‘ Mönch (Drums) and Marcus Müller (Bass)

So now enjoy listening to a really fresh and new music and come to the release gig in Frankfurt!

If you ask yourself what Lui is doing right now? Here you can see… He is rehearsing for the gigs of course!


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