Dogish Birdish Lionish – Google now translates Animals Languages

2 Apr

Will we now understand what the Whales are singing? Can we respond to what dog barks? And will we listen to the Birds Tweets and Songs in a different way now? Google brings a better understanding of Animals and Nature by inventing the translation interface between humans and animals!!!

This is a Bit of future music and not the state of things right now, but we are on the way… of course!
Interesting, funny, nerdy and amazing. Decide for yourself what you think about it. Feel free to leave a comment and discuss with me, I like the topic – from an interested but neutral point of view right now.

This is another amazing step in the course of Google making the (real) world´s information acessible in the virtual dimension.
As Language and Languages are the most basical forms of communication it is no surprise that much effort is driven to that topics.

So this step seems just logical but at the same time genius – Google goals aGain!

It is an Android App which can be downloaded for free, so take your Smartphone, install the app and ask your pet a question.
It´s a pity I don´t have an Android – so I can´t translate the lyrics of the birds singing in Schlosspark Trees right now. I enjoy listening anyhow!

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