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Störchin sucht Storch nicht mehr – Kuppelei geklappert

7 Apr

Vorgestern wurde hier die Kontaktanzeige „Klapperkuppelei“ veröffentlicht, nun ist Sie schon nicht mehr allein.

Was sehe ich dort auf dem Schornstein im Nest? Liebkosungen, sanfte Storchenschmuselei – Verliebte?

Hat die vorgestern veröffentlichte Kontaktanzeige für die Loshäuser Störchin so schnell Wirkung gezeigt?

Wie auch immer, wir sind alle ganz froh im Dorf, dass nun doch wieder ein Ehepaar auf dem Schornstein residiert.
Das Klappern der Störche hat übrigens nichts mit Einsamkeit zu tun, im Duett klappern die beiden mindestens genauso inbrünstig wie sie alleine.

Pacman Philosophy – Its All About Inspiration and Incarnation

3 Apr

These are my Easter – Eggs

–> Philosophy and Pacman – Pics…

Compare… ;o) Get Inspired -> Comment -> Share -> Mind

[This Blogpost was also inspired by @twitgeridoo (on Twitter)]

This might be some of the coolest Pacman – Pics… starting with the biggest Pacman I´ve ever seen!

As you can see in the following picture Pacman is hiding in various forms and aggregates!

but be careful! might be the Devil in Disguise ?!


Now what do we have to do with it?

Mankind is Pacman – This means a lot… so Pacman is Philosophy…
Do you have it?

Yes we >>Can<< – Yes we PaCCan…

It is not a 2D thing, that´s for sure now! You have to think cross and multi-dimensional. And it´s about yourself of course, it´s an idea!

Of course Pacman is appearing in Socialmedia also…

Pacman is simply everywhere – even on your Ass!

Hope you also have some ideas and keep your mind opened and spinning…

let´s close the circle with the last – >>> Remixed <<< first picture (which is ok because it is provided under CC licenses)

Thanks for an inspiring Picture and the Pacman – Idea, which was originally not thought as such I think… but that´s how it worked and works… @Twitgeridoo

Alpha Inventions Ranking

Stats: Compare time of publishing and time stamp of @Twitgeridoo´s Tweet … You´ll see this Post here was created in less than 90 Minutes as a spontaneous fast cross motion creative compulsion project session on Easter Saturday ;o)

Himmlisches Hündchen

2 Apr

Himmlisches Hündchen als Wölkchen
„Doggy Style Cloud“

<click Image to enlarge>

Alpha Inventions Ranking

VIP – Visual Inspiring Projects

20 Mrz

Visual Inspirations & Projects

Very Interesting Pages
(Alternative meaning)


Last weeks more and more interesting links to wunderbar websites and project pages flew in and I decided to digg some and put them together in a post in order to find them again  later and also to share with others who like to…

Let´s begin with some of my favourite Animations recently:

the first example simply is 8 Bit Art at its Best

Minimal Time

Of course you don´t have much time
for just hanging around watching videos and pictures or Blogs like this ,

but as you have a minimum time…
…you may perhaps be interested in this
minimalistic timepieces

(click the Picture to go to the full Post about the Zero watch concepts)

so if you are willing to take some more time you can also enjoy the following content…
the next spots we visit will be more interactive…


Important Tip:
To get Full HD Power of the Paris-Project:
Click on HD-View on the Website,
install the HD-View-Plug-In if necessary,
enjoy Paris in the highest resolution ever

(to visit Paris now click on the Image)

Sometimes old and new Techniques are combined and thereby shifted to a new Level or Dimension. As it can be seen here…
read the whole Story about the „We got Time“ Animation Video AND the „Making of“


have a look at…


(a link via @KenoNitro [Twitter])

Matthew Herbert – Moving Like A Train

Der Sperrholzpirat

(click the picture to see an excerpt of the Animation-Video in StopMotion)

visit Sperrholzpiraten´s  Homepage

They will come to Town

so much good Animations coming from the
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

so for now that may be a start, I still got some links worth posting in this Collection here, let´s see how the Feedback is… ;O)